Discovering Delaware: A Compelling Case for Relocation

As your life evolves and priorities shift, the idea of moving to a new state may cross your mind. If you’re contemplating a change, Delaware might be the perfect destination for various reasons. From its rich history to its business-friendly environment, Delaware offers a unique combination of factors that make it an attractive place to call home.

Tax-Friendly Environment:

  • Delaware is renowned for its business-friendly tax policies. The absence of sales tax and low property taxes make it an appealing option for both individuals and businesses. Additionally, there is no state-level tax on social security benefits or personal property. These tax advantages can significantly contribute to your overall financial well-being.

Quality of Life:

  • Delaware boasts a high quality of life, with a diverse range of communities that cater to different preferences. Whether you’re looking for the bustling energy of a city or the tranquility of a coastal town, Delaware has it all. The state’s commitment to preserving open spaces and parks provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, contributing to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Proximity to Major Cities:

  • Situated on the East Coast, Delaware offers easy access to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. This strategic location makes it convenient for weekend getaways or business trips. You can enjoy the benefits of living in a quieter state while having metropolitan areas within a short drive.

Historical Charm:

  • Delaware’s rich history is evident in its well-preserved architecture and landmarks. From the cobblestone streets of Old New Castle to the historic sites in Dover, you’ll find a deep sense of tradition and culture. Exploring these historical gems can provide a unique and enriching experience for residents.

Thriving Job Market:

  • Despite its small size, Delaware has a thriving economy, particularly in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and technology. The state’s business-friendly policies have attracted major corporations, creating job opportunities and a stable economic environment.

Educational Opportunities:

  • Delaware is home to reputable educational institutions, including the University of Delaware. Whether you’re considering higher education for yourself or your family, the state offers a range of educational opportunities that contribute to personal and professional growth.

Close-Knit Communities:

  • Delaware is known for its friendly and close-knit communities. Whether you choose to reside in a small town or a suburban area, you’re likely to experience a strong sense of community and neighborly support.

Where to Live

Delaware is a state with a variety of charming communities, each offering its own unique appeal. The “top” places to live can vary depending on personal preferences, lifestyle, and priorities. Here are some notable places in Delaware that are often considered desirable for different reasons:


  • As Delaware’s largest city, Wilmington offers a mix of urban amenities, cultural attractions, and historic charm. The Riverfront district is a vibrant area with restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. The city’s diverse neighborhoods cater to various preferences, from the historic districts like Old Brandywine Village to more modern developments.


  • Home to the University of Delaware, Newark has a lively atmosphere with a strong sense of community. The presence of the university brings cultural events, educational opportunities, and a youthful energy to the area. Newark also has several parks, making it attractive to those who enjoy outdoor activities.


  • Located on the Delaware Bay, Lewes is a picturesque coastal town known for its historic architecture and scenic landscapes. The beach town atmosphere, combined with a rich maritime history, makes Lewes an appealing choice for those seeking a relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Rehoboth Beach:

  • If you’re looking for a beach town with a vibrant boardwalk, diverse dining options, and a lively arts scene, Rehoboth Beach might be the perfect fit. It’s a popular destination for both residents and visitors, offering a mix of recreational activities and a welcoming community.


  • Hockessin is a suburb of Wilmington known for its affluent residential areas and excellent school districts. The town is surrounded by scenic landscapes, parks, and nature reserves, providing a peaceful and family-friendly environment.


  • Middletown has experienced significant growth in recent years and is known for its well-planned communities and modern amenities. The town offers a balance between a suburban lifestyle and proximity to major cities like Wilmington and Philadelphia.


  • Smyrna is a small town with a rich history and a strong sense of community. It has a charming downtown area, parks, and recreational facilities. Smyrna’s location, situated between Dover and Wilmington, provides easy access to employment centers and cultural attractions.

Bethany Beach:

  • For a quieter beach experience, Bethany Beach is an attractive option. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Bethany Beach has a charming boardwalk, pristine beaches, and a variety of outdoor activities.

When considering the best place to live in Delaware, it’s essential to explore different communities, weigh factors such as cost of living, school quality, and lifestyle preferences, and visit the areas to get a feel for the atmosphere. Each town and city in Delaware has its own unique character, ensuring that there’s a suitable option for a wide range of individuals and families.

Real Estate Market

Market Trends:

  • Real estate markets can vary widely based on factors such as location, economic conditions, and local demand. In recent years, many areas across the United States have experienced a seller’s market, characterized by high demand, low housing inventory, and increasing property prices. It’s advisable to research current market trends specific to Delaware and the particular city or town you’re interested in. Recent data suggests that the housing market is changing, as the Delaware median home prices went up by 11.7% after March 2023, although the number of sold homes dropped by a surprising 28.3%.

Home Prices:

  • Delaware, in general, has seen moderate home price appreciation, but specific trends can vary by location. Coastal areas, for example, may have different pricing dynamics compared to suburban or urban areas. Research recent sales data, price trends, and forecasts to get an understanding of the affordability and potential investment value in your desired location. Median home prices in Delaware increased 11.7%, according to data from March 2023. The median sale price for all home types in Delaware is $309,200 in March 2023. Lewes, Dover, Milford, and Wilmington are among the top 10 metros in Delaware with the fastest-growing sales prices. In the beach ciites for example the median home sold price in Rehoboth Beach was $784,132 in October 2023, down 37.8% from last year, and the median price per square foot was $313.

Economic Factors:

  • Economic conditions, including employment rates and job growth, can significantly impact the real estate market. Delaware’s economic stability, business-friendly environment, and proximity to major cities contribute to its appeal. Research the economic indicators relevant to the specific region you are interested in.

Interest Rates:

  • Mortgage interest rates play a crucial role in the real estate market. Lower interest rates generally make homeownership more affordable and can stimulate demand. Keep an eye on national interest rate trends and consult with local lenders to understand the current financing landscape.

Inventory Levels:

  • Low housing inventory can lead to increased competition among buyers and potentially drive up prices. Understanding the balance between supply and demand in the local market is essential. Factors like new construction, population growth, and development plans can influence inventory levels. Overall, there’s a higher demand for homes across different demographics, especially Hispanics and Millennials; both of these demographics are considered to be in their prime buying years. This leads to low inventory.

Local Amenities and Development:

  • Consider the presence of amenities, infrastructure development, and planned projects in the area. Proximity to schools, parks, shopping centers, and employment centers can impact both property values and your overall quality of life.

Buying a Home in Delaware with a Muuvme Realtor

  • Muuvme Realtors is a well-regarded real estate agency with associates in Delaware known for its expertise in helping clients find their dream homes in this picturesque community. If you’re considering buying a home using Muuvme Realtors, there is some additional information at the end of this blog.

Property Taxes:

  • Delaware is known for its tax-friendly environment, but property tax rates can vary by county. Understand the property tax structure and how it might impact your overall homeownership costs.
  • To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Delaware real estate market, consider consulting with local MuuvMe real estate professionals, accessing local housing reports, and exploring online resources that provide current market data. Additionally, staying informed about broader economic trends and policy changes can help you make well-informed decisions about buying or investing in real estate in Delaware.

Economy and Jobs


Delaware has a diverse economy with strengths in various sectors. Key industries include finance, healthcare, biotechnology, agriculture, and manufacturing. The state’s strategic location on the East Coast contributes to its economic vitality, as it serves as a transportation and logistics hub.

Finance and Banking:

Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, is known as a financial center, hosting many credit card companies and financial institutions. The state’s business-friendly policies, including its legal and corporate governance structure, have attracted numerous corporations.

Healthcare and Biotechnology:

The healthcare and biotechnology sectors are significant contributors to Delaware’s economy. The state is home to major healthcare institutions, and there has been a focus on fostering innovation in the biotech industry.


Delaware has a history of manufacturing, and this sector continues to play a role in the state’s economy. Industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace contribute to the manufacturing landscape.


Agriculture is an essential part of Delaware’s economy, with a focus on poultry, soybeans, and corn. The state’s agricultural sector has a positive impact on both the local economy and the broader agricultural industry.

Job Market:

The job market in Delaware is influenced by the state’s economic composition. Job opportunities can be found in finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and other sectors. The state’s educated workforce, coupled with its strategic location, makes it an attractive place for businesses.

Education and Research:

Delaware’s institutions of higher education, including the University of Delaware, contribute to research and development activities. The presence of these institutions enhances the state’s overall intellectual capital.

Small Business Environment:

Delaware has a supportive environment for small businesses, and initiatives are in place to encourage entrepreneurship. Small businesses play a crucial role in the state’s economic landscape.

Job Resources:

To explore current job opportunities and get a sense of the job market dynamics, you can utilize online job portals, connect with local employment agencies, and explore career services offered by educational institutions.

It’s recommended to check with recent and reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on Delaware’s economy and job market. Local government reports, economic development agencies, and reputable news sources can provide valuable insights into current economic conditions and job trends in the state.

Education and Healthcare

University of Delaware:

  • The University of Delaware, located in Newark, is a major institution offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Known for its strong research initiatives and diverse academic offerings, the university contributes significantly to the state’s educational landscape.

Delaware State University:

  • Situated in Dover, Delaware State University is a historically black university with a focus on providing accessible and high-quality education. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs across disciplines.

Delaware Technical Community College:

  • Delaware Tech, with campuses statewide, is a community college that provides affordable and accessible education. It offers associate degrees, certificates, and workforce development programs to meet the needs of students and the local job market.

Primary and Secondary Education:

  • Delaware’s public school system is organized into school districts, each with its own schools serving students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The state has made efforts to improve educational outcomes, and there are various public and private school options.

Charter Schools:

  • Delaware has a number of charter schools, providing alternative educational options with specific focuses or approaches. These schools operate independently but are accountable to the state for academic performance.

Healthcare in Delaware:


  • ChristianaCare, headquartered in Wilmington, is one of the largest healthcare systems in the mid-Atlantic region. It includes multiple hospitals, outpatient centers, and primary care facilities, offering a comprehensive range of medical services.


  • Bayhealth operates hospitals in Dover and Milford, providing a variety of healthcare services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, and specialized medical care.

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children:

  • Located in Wilmington, this hospital is part of the Nemours Children’s Health System. It is recognized for its pediatric care and research.

Beebe Healthcare:

  • Beebe Healthcare serves the southern Delaware region, with a hospital in Lewes and various outpatient facilities. It provides a range of healthcare services, including surgery, cancer care, and women’s health services.

Veterans Affairs Medical Centers:

  • Delaware is served by the Wilmington Veterans Affairs Medical Center, providing healthcare services to veterans in the region.

Specialized Healthcare Services:

  • Delaware offers various specialized healthcare services, including mental health facilities, rehabilitation centers, and community health clinics.

Health Initiatives:

  • The state has initiatives focused on public health, preventive care, and addressing community health issues. Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services plays a key role in implementing and overseeing public health programs.
  • It’s essential to note that the healthcare and education landscapes can change, so it’s advisable to check with specific institutions for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, when considering relocation, exploring the availability of healthcare facilities and the quality of educational institutions in your desired area is crucial for making informed decisions.

Things to Consider

While Delaware has many attractive features, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks as well. Here are some cons or challenges associated with living in Delaware:

Limited Urban Environment:

  • Delaware is a relatively small state, and if you’re seeking a bustling urban environment, you might find options limited compared to larger neighboring cities like Philadelphia or Baltimore. Wilmington, the largest city, has an urban feel, but it may not match the scale of larger metropolitan areas.

Traffic Congestion:

  • Despite its small size, some areas of Delaware, especially around Wilmington and along major highways, can experience traffic congestion during peak hours. Commuting may be a consideration, so it’s important to factor in travel times.

Limited Public Transportation:

  • Delaware’s public transportation infrastructure is not as extensive as in some larger states or cities. Depending on your location, you may find that owning a car is necessary for daily activities.

Climate Considerations:

  • Delaware experiences a range of weather conditions, including hot and humid summers and chilly winters. If you’re not a fan of temperature extremes, this might be a factor to consider.

Limited Cultural and Entertainment Options:

  • While Delaware has cultural attractions and events, it may not offer the same breadth of cultural and entertainment options as larger cities. If you seek a constant stream of big-name concerts, Broadway shows, or major sporting events, you might need to travel to nearby cities.

Education Funding Challenges:

  • Delaware’s public education system has faced challenges related to funding. While efforts are ongoing to address these issues, it’s worth considering the state of local schools, especially if you have school-aged children.

Coastal Flooding:

  • Coastal areas in Delaware, particularly during storms or high tides, can be susceptible to flooding. If you plan to live in a coastal town, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and take precautions.

State Income Tax:

  • While Delaware is often praised for its lack of sales tax, it does have a state income tax. Depending on your financial situation, this could be a consideration.

Limited Job Diversity:

  • While there are significant industries in Delaware, such as finance and healthcare, the job market may not be as diverse as in larger states. Finding specialized or niche job opportunities may require looking beyond the state’s borders.


  • In conclusion, Delaware presents a compelling case for relocation, offering a unique blend of financial benefits, cultural richness, and a high quality of life. As you consider your next chapter, exploring what “The First State” has to offer could be a rewarding endeavor, bringing a new perspective and a sense of belonging to your life’s journey.

Buying a Home in Delaware with a Muuvme Realtor

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  7. Post-Closing Support: Ongoing assistance and answering questions post-transaction.
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