Moving to and Living in Spartanburg, SC: Your Comprehensive Guide

Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a city that offers a perfect blend of historic charm, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Nestled in the heart of the Palmetto State, Spartanburg has become an increasingly popular destination for newcomers seeking a diverse and welcoming community. Whether you’re considering a move to Spartanburg or have already settled in, this comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights into everything you need to know about living in this vibrant city.

Getting to Know Spartanburg

History and Culture

Spartanburg has a captivating history that has greatly influenced its culture. Understanding the city’s past will help you appreciate its unique character.

Historical Highlights:

  • Native American Influence: Before European settlement, the area was inhabited by Cherokee Indians. Their influence is still visible in the region’s place names and historical sites.
  • Colonial Era: Spartanburg was settled by European immigrants in the mid-18th century. It played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War, with notable events like the Battle of Cowpens taking place nearby.
  • Textile Industry: In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Spartanburg became a hub for textile manufacturing. This industry shaped the city’s economic landscape and is reflected in the historic mills and factories that still stand today.
  • Civil Rights Movement: Spartanburg was also a stage for the Civil Rights Movement. The community made significant strides in desegregation and civil rights during the mid-20th century.

Cultural Offerings:

  • Museums: The city is home to various museums, such as the Spartanburg Art Museum and the Hub City Railroad Museum, which showcase both local and broader cultural history.
  • Historic Districts: Stroll through historic districts like Converse Heights and Hampton Heights, where you’ll find beautifully preserved architecture that harkens back to earlier eras.
  • Performing Arts: Spartanburg offers a rich cultural scene with the Chapman Cultural Center serving as a hub for performing arts, including theater, dance, and music performances.
  • Annual Events: Be part of annual events like the International Festival, Spring Fling, and Dickens of a Christmas, which celebrate the city’s cultural diversity and heritage.

Local Traditions:

  • Southern Hospitality: Spartanburg residents are known for their warm and welcoming demeanor, embodying the Southern tradition of hospitality.
  • Culinary Delights: The city’s cuisine reflects the region’s history, with classic Southern comfort food, barbecue, and international flavors. Be sure to try some classic dishes like shrimp and grits.
  • Music and Dance: Spartanburg has a lively music and dance scene, with a focus on bluegrass, country, and shag dancing, reflecting the city’s Southern roots.

Spartanburg’s history and culture are integral to the city’s identity, and you’ll find numerous ways to engage with its rich heritage while enjoying the vibrant present-day offerings.

Housing in Spartanburg

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Spartanburg is dynamic, offering a wide range of housing options to suit various preferences and budgets. Here, we delve deeper into the key aspects of the housing market:

Housing Types:

  • Single-Family Homes: Spartanburg boasts a variety of single-family homes, from historic properties with charming architecture to modern developments in suburban neighborhoods. Depending on the area and condition, prices can vary widely.
  • Apartments and Condos: If you prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle, you’ll find apartments and condos in different price ranges. Downtown Spartanburg offers a mix of rental apartments and condominiums with convenient access to amenities.
  • Townhomes: Townhomes are another popular choice, offering a balance between single-family homes and apartments. They often come with communal amenities like pool and landscaping services.


  • Downtown Spartanburg: The heart of the city features a mix of historic buildings and new developments, offering an urban lifestyle with access to restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.
  • Eastside: This area includes neighborhoods like Hillbrook and Fernwood, known for their charming homes and tree-lined streets.
  • Westside: Areas like Woodburn, Duncan Park, and Converse Heights offer a mix of architectural styles, with a strong sense of community.
  • Lake Bowen: If you’re looking for a waterfront property, the Lake Bowen area offers a serene, lakeside lifestyle with a variety of homes.

Price Range:

  • The real estate market in Spartanburg generally offers more affordable housing options compared to larger cities in the United States. The median home price varies but is often well below the national average, making homeownership more accessible. Median Home Price: $266,797
  • While you can find budget-friendly homes, there are also upscale neighborhoods with higher-priced properties, particularly in the suburbs or near the lake.

Market Trends:

  • Like many areas in the U.S., Spartanburg has experienced fluctuations in the real estate market. It’s important to stay informed about current market trends, including interest rates, inventory levels, and demand.
  • The city’s real estate market is often influenced by economic conditions, so it’s essential to monitor the local economy and its impact on housing.


  • Spartanburg’s affordability makes it an attractive place for first-time homebuyers or those looking to downsize. With lower property taxes and cost of living, you may find you can stretch your budget further.

Real Estate Agents:

  • When searching for a home, working with a local real estate agent can be highly beneficial. They have valuable insights into the market, can help you find suitable listings, and guide you through the buying process.

Buying a Home in Spartanburg SC with a Muuvme Realtor

  • Muuvme Realtors is a well-regarded real estate agency with associates in South Carolina known for its expertise in helping clients find their dream homes in this picturesque community. If you’re considering buying a home using Muuvme Realtors, there is some detailed information on how we can help you at the end of this blog.

Education and Schools

Spartanburg places great importance on education and offers a variety of options to cater to the needs of students of all ages. Whether you have children or are pursuing higher education, here’s a detailed look at the education system in Spartanburg:

Public Schools

Spartanburg County School Districts serve the educational needs of students in the area. The public school system is well-organized and offers a diverse range of programs and extracurricular activities. Key points to note about Spartanburg’s public schools include:

  • Districts: Spartanburg is served by several school districts, including Spartanburg County School District Seven, Spartanburg County School District Five, and more. Each district may have its own policies and programs.
  • Elementary, Middle, and High Schools: There are a variety of public schools, ranging from elementary to high school, that cater to different age groups.
  • Magnet Schools: Spartanburg offers magnet schools with specialized curricula in subjects like the arts, science, and technology. These schools provide unique educational opportunities for students with specific interests.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Programs: Many high schools offer Advanced Placement programs that allow students to earn college credits while in high school.
  • Career and Technology Centers: Spartanburg also has career and technology centers that provide vocational training and skills development for high school students.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Public schools in Spartanburg often offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, clubs, and more, to enrich students’ educational experiences.
  • Performance: As with any school system, the performance of public schools can vary by district and individual school. It’s important to research and visit schools to find the best fit for your child.

Private Schools

Spartanburg is home to various private and parochial schools that provide alternative education options. These schools often have smaller class sizes and may offer religious instruction or specialized educational approaches.

  • Faith-Based Schools: Many private schools in Spartanburg have religious affiliations, including Christian, Catholic, and other faiths. These schools often incorporate faith-based values into their curriculum.
  • Montessori and Waldorf Schools: There are also Montessori and Waldorf schools that focus on alternative educational philosophies, emphasizing individualized learning and creative development.
  • Independent Schools: Independent private schools offer a wide range of educational philosophies and may have a more flexible approach to curriculum.
  • Preparatory Schools: Some private schools are preparatory in nature, providing rigorous academic programs designed to prepare students for college and beyond.

Higher Education

Spartanburg is known for its higher education institutions, making it a hub for college students and academic opportunities.

  • Wofford College: A prestigious liberal arts college, Wofford offers undergraduate degrees in various fields.
  • Converse College: Converse is a women’s liberal arts college with a strong focus on the arts and humanities.
  • University of South Carolina Upstate: Part of the USC system, this university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Spartanburg Community College: SCC provides technical and vocational programs, as well as transfer programs for students planning to continue their education at a four-year institution.
  • Other Institutions: Spartanburg also hosts satellite campuses of larger universities and colleges, expanding the educational opportunities available.
    • Spartanburg’s educational landscape provides a wealth of options for students of all ages, making it a great place to access quality education from early childhood through college and beyond. When choosing an educational path in Spartanburg, consider your family’s values, individual needs, and academic goals to find the best fit for you or your children.

Cost of Living and Taxes

One of the appealing aspects of living in Spartanburg is its relatively affordable cost of living compared to many other parts of the United States. This cost of living breakdown will help you understand the various factors that contribute to the affordability of Spartanburg: Average Annual Salary: $47,400

Housing Costs

  • Home Prices: The median home price in Spartanburg is generally lower than the national average, making homeownership more accessible.
  • Rent: Rental prices for apartments and houses are also quite reasonable, making it affordable for those who prefer renting.


  • Energy Costs: Utilities, including electricity, water, and gas, are often priced competitively. Be mindful of your energy consumption to keep utility bills manageable.


  • Gas Prices: Gasoline prices in Spartanburg are typically lower than in larger metropolitan areas, reducing the cost of commuting.
  • Public Transportation: While public transportation options exist, many residents rely on personal vehicles due to the city’s layout.

Food and Groceries

  • Grocery Costs: The cost of groceries in Spartanburg is reasonable, and there are numerous grocery stores and supermarkets to choose from.
  • Dining Out: Eating at restaurants is also more affordable than in larger cities. You can find a wide range of dining options, from budget-friendly to upscale.


  • Healthcare Costs: Healthcare costs in Spartanburg are generally competitive, and there are multiple healthcare facilities to choose from. Insurance premiums may vary based on your coverage and provider.

Entertainment and Leisure

  • Entertainment Costs: Spartanburg offers a variety of affordable or free entertainment options, including parks, cultural events, and outdoor activities. Many local events and festivals are accessible without breaking the bank.


  • Income Tax: South Carolina has a progressive income tax system with a maximum rate of 7%, which can be lower than in some other states.
  • Property Tax: Property taxes in Spartanburg vary depending on the location and assessed value of your property.
  • Sales Tax: The sales tax rate in Spartanburg is typically around 7%, which includes state and local taxes.

Education Costs

  • Public Schools: If you choose public education for your children, it’s worth noting that Spartanburg’s public schools are funded through property taxes, so the quality of education often correlates with the local property values.
  • Private Schools: Private school tuition costs vary but can be more affordable compared to private schools in larger cities.

Other Costs

  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Costs for other everyday expenses, such as clothing, personal care items, and household goods, are often on par with national averages.

It’s important to remember that the cost of living can vary based on your lifestyle and individual choices. While Spartanburg is generally considered affordable, it’s still wise to create a budget that takes into account your specific needs and financial situation. By doing so, you can comfortably enjoy the many benefits of living in this charming South Carolina city without straining your finances.

Geography and Location

Spartanburg is situated in the upstate region of South Carolina, with its picturesque landscapes of rolling hills and forests. Its proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains and several lakes makes it an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Economy and Job Opportunities

Spartanburg’s diverse economy includes manufacturing, healthcare, and higher education institutions. The city offers employment opportunities for various skill sets and industries.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

Spartanburg offers a wide array of recreational and outdoor activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. From beautiful parks and nature trails to sports and cultural events, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a detailed look at the options available:

Parks and Nature

Cleveland Park: This 95-acre urban park is a popular destination for families and nature enthusiasts. It features walking trails, a lake, a playground, and picnic areas. You can also explore the Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve nearby, known for its beautiful botanical gardens.

Croft State Park: Located just a few miles south of Spartanburg, Croft State Park spans over 7,000 acres and offers hiking, camping, fishing, and equestrian trails. It’s a great place to enjoy the beauty of South Carolina’s natural landscapes.

Hiking and Biking Trails: Spartanburg has numerous hiking and biking trails, including the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail, which runs through downtown and connects several parks. The Cottonwood Trail and Glendale Shoals Preserve are also popular options for outdoor enthusiasts.

Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock: These two nearby lakes provide opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnicking. Lake Bowen has a park with a beach and picnic area, making it a great spot for family outings.

Sports and Fitness

Golf: Spartanburg offers several golf courses, including the Carolina Country Club and the Creek Golf Club, where you can enjoy a round of golf amidst scenic surroundings.

Spartanburg County Parks: The county’s parks feature tennis courts, soccer fields, and playgrounds, providing ample opportunities for sports and recreational activities.

Fitness Centers: Numerous fitness centers and gyms are available throughout the city, catering to various fitness levels and preferences.

Minor League Baseball: Enjoy watching the Spartanburgers, a minor league baseball team, in action at the historic Duncan Park Stadium.

College Athletics: If you’re a sports fan, you can catch exciting college sports events at Wofford College and the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Arts and Culture

Chapman Cultural Center: This cultural hub hosts a variety of performing arts events, including ballet, theater, and symphony concerts. It’s also home to several art galleries.

Art Walks: Spartanburg’s ArtWalk is a monthly event where you can explore the city’s vibrant art scene, visit galleries, and meet local artists.

Annual Festivals: Spartanburg hosts a range of cultural events and festivals throughout the year, such as the International Festival, the Spartanburg International Music and Food Festival, and Dickens of a Christmas.

Ballet and Dance: The Spartanburg Ballet and other local dance companies offer performances that showcase the city’s cultural diversity.

Spartanburg Little Theatre: Enjoy community theater productions at the Spartanburg Little Theatre, which has been a staple in the community for decades.

Spartanburg’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to providing outdoor recreational opportunities make it an excellent place for individuals and families who value an active and culturally engaging lifestyle. Whether you prefer exploring the great outdoors or immersing yourself in arts and cultural experiences, Spartanburg has something to offer for all interests.

Healthcare and Wellness

Spartanburg offers a comprehensive healthcare system with a range of healthcare facilities, medical specialists, and wellness resources to cater to the healthcare needs of residents and visitors. Here’s a detailed look at healthcare and wellness options in the area:

Healthcare Facilities

Spartanburg Medical Center: This renowned healthcare institution is the flagship hospital of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. It’s a Level I trauma center and offers a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, surgery, and specialized medical treatments.

Pelham Medical Center: Part of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, Pelham Medical Center is a full-service hospital with an emphasis on patient-centered care, advanced diagnostic services, and women’s health.

Mary Black Health System: Mary Black Health System, a part of the Tenet Healthcare network, offers a broad spectrum of healthcare services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, and outpatient services.

Primary Care Clinics: Spartanburg has numerous primary care clinics, specialists, and private practices, ensuring residents have access to comprehensive healthcare services.

Urgent Care Centers: Various urgent care centers provide convenient access to medical care for non-life-threatening emergencies, often with extended hours.

Mental Health Services: Spartanburg offers mental health services and counseling centers for individuals and families seeking mental health and wellness support.

Wellness and Fitness

Fitness Centers and Gyms: Spartanburg has a range of fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs, catering to various fitness levels and preferences. These facilities offer fitness classes, personal trainers, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Yoga and Pilates Studios: For those interested in mind-body wellness, you’ll find several yoga and Pilates studios offering classes and workshops.

Nutrition and Wellness Services: Spartanburg has nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness coaches who can provide personalized guidance on healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Holistic and Alternative Medicine: The city offers holistic and alternative medicine practitioners, such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, and herbalists, for those interested in complementary therapies.

Outdoor Recreation: Engaging in outdoor activities at local parks, nature trails, and lakes can contribute to your overall well-being. The city’s parks provide opportunities for physical activity and relaxation.

Healthy Eating Options: Spartanburg has a growing number of restaurants and cafes that offer healthy menu options, including organic, vegetarian, and locally sourced ingredients.

Community Wellness Programs: Keep an eye out for community wellness programs, fitness challenges, and health-focused events organized by local organizations and healthcare providers.

Spartanburg’s healthcare and wellness options ensure that residents can access a variety of services to maintain and improve their well-being. Whether you need specialized medical care or are interested in lifestyle and wellness choices, Spartanburg offers resources to support your health and fitness goals.

Weather and Climate

Spartanburg, South Carolina, experiences a humid subtropical climate, which means the area has distinct seasons with mild winters and warm, sometimes hot, summers. Here are more details about the weather and climate in Spartanburg:


  • Spring: Spring in Spartanburg is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit (15-23°C). This season brings colorful blooms and is ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Summer: Summers are warm and can be humid, with temperatures often reaching into the high 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit (29-35°C). It’s a great time for enjoying the region’s lakes and parks.
  • Fall: Fall is characterized by mild temperatures, with highs in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit (21-29°C). The region’s trees put on a vibrant display of autumn foliage.
  • Winter: Winters in Spartanburg are relatively mild, with temperatures typically in the 40s and 50s Fahrenheit (4-15°C). While snowfall is infrequent, it can occur occasionally.


  • Rainfall: Spartanburg receives a fair amount of rainfall throughout the year, with the wettest months occurring in the spring and summer. May and July are typically the rainiest months.
  • Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms are common during the summer months but usually pass quickly, making way for sunny skies.
  • Hurricanes: Spartanburg, like much of the southeastern United States, can be affected by hurricanes during the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June to November. While direct hits are relatively rare, the region may experience heavy rainfall and strong winds during hurricane events.


  • Spartanburg County is part of what is known as “Tornado Alley” in the southeastern United States. Tornadoes are more likely to occur in the spring and early summer months, but they are usually of the EF0 to EF2 strength, causing minor to moderate damage.

Weather Tips

  • Be prepared for hot and humid conditions during the summer, and make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors.
  • In the winter, while snowfall is infrequent, occasional freezing temperatures may lead to icy conditions on the roads.
  • Stay informed about weather forecasts and hurricane warnings during the hurricane season to ensure your safety and preparedness.
  1. The weather and climate in Spartanburg offer a variety of experiences, from the warmth of summer to the beauty of the fall foliage. While the area has its weather challenges, it provides a relatively mild climate that allows for outdoor activities and exploration throughout the year.

Economy and Job Opportunities

Spartanburg’s economy has evolved over the years from its textile manufacturing roots to a diverse and growing economic landscape. Here are more details about the economy and job opportunities in the area:

Key Industries

1. Manufacturing: Spartanburg has a strong manufacturing sector, which includes the production of automotive components, machinery, and other industrial goods. BMW’s only North American manufacturing plant, located in Spartanburg County, is one of the area’s most significant economic drivers.

2. Healthcare: The healthcare industry plays a crucial role in the local economy. Spartanburg is home to several major healthcare providers, including Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and Mary Black Health System.

3. Education: With institutions like Wofford College, Converse College, and the University of South Carolina Upstate, the education sector is a significant employer in Spartanburg.

4. Hospitality and Tourism: The city’s growing tourism industry, driven by attractions like cultural events, parks, and historic sites, provides job opportunities in the hospitality sector.

5. Logistics and Distribution: Spartanburg’s strategic location along major highways, including Interstate 85, makes it a prime hub for logistics and distribution centers, offering jobs in warehousing and transportation.

Job Market

  • Unemployment Rate: Spartanburg’s unemployment rate typically falls below the national average, reflecting a relatively healthy job market.
  • Job Growth: The area has seen growth in job opportunities in various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education.
  • Workforce Development: The city has implemented workforce development programs to align the skills of the local workforce with the needs of employers, creating better job matches.

Major Employers

  • BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC: As the largest BMW manufacturing plant in the world, it is a significant employer in Spartanburg, employing thousands of people.
  • Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System: This healthcare system, which includes Spartanburg Medical Center and Pelham Medical Center, is one of the largest employers in the area.
  • Spartanburg County School Districts: The county’s public school districts employ a large number of educators and support staff.
  • Amazon Distribution Centers: Spartanburg is home to several Amazon distribution centers, creating jobs in logistics and distribution.
  • Wofford College: The college is not only an educational institution but also a major employer in the city.

Job Search

When searching for job opportunities in Spartanburg, consider these resources:

  • Online Job Portals: Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and local job boards often list job openings in Spartanburg.
  • Networking: Connect with local professionals and attend networking events to discover job opportunities through word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Employment Agencies: Many staffing agencies operate in Spartanburg and can help match you with suitable job openings.
  • College Career Centers: If you’re a recent graduate or a student, your college’s career center can provide guidance and job placement assistance.
  • Government Services: The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce provides resources for job seekers, including job listings and career development services.

Spartanburg’s diverse economic landscape and growing job market offer opportunities in various sectors. The city’s location in the thriving Greenville-Spartanburg area provides a wealth of career options, making it an appealing destination for individuals seeking employment and professional growth.

In conclusion, Spartanburg, South Carolina, offers a dynamic and welcoming community, a thriving job market, and a relatively affordable cost of living. The city’s blend of history, culture, and outdoor recreational opportunities provides residents with a high quality of life. Whether you’re considering a move to Spartanburg or have already made this charming city your home, you’ll find a place that celebrates its heritage while embracing a promising future. With a strong local economy, educational institutions, and a commitment to healthcare and wellness, Spartanburg offers a well-rounded living experience that caters to diverse interests and lifestyles.

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