Is Myrtle Beach the Right Retirement Destination for You?

Retirement marks a significant transition in life, and choosing the perfect destination to spend your golden years is a crucial decision. Among the many options available, Myrtle Beach often stands out as an attractive choice. However, before you make the big decision, it’s essential to explore the factors that make Myrtle Beach a popular retirement spot and consider whether it aligns with your unique needs and preferences. In this blog, we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons to determine if retiring in Myrtle Beach is the right choice for you.

Pros of Retiring in Myrtle Beach:

Beautiful Coastal Setting: The coastal setting of Myrtle Beach is one of its most alluring features, drawing retirees and tourists alike to its shores. Here’s a closer look at what makes this coastal environment so appealing:

1. Pristine Beaches: Myrtle Beach boasts 60 miles of pristine coastline, featuring soft, sandy shores that are perfect for leisurely strolls, sunbathing, beachcombing, and building sandcastles. Whether you want to relax and read a book or take a dip in the warm Atlantic Ocean, the beaches here are a haven for those who love the sea.

2. Ocean Views: Many retirees in Myrtle Beach wake up to breathtaking oceanfront views every day. Living by the coast means you can enjoy stunning sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean and fall asleep to the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore. The scenic beauty of the ocean is a constant presence in your daily life.

3. Water Activities: Myrtle Beach offers a plethora of water-related activities for retirees to enjoy. You can try your hand at fishing, paddleboarding, jet skiing, parasailing, or simply swimming in the ocean. The warm waters make it an inviting place for water enthusiasts year-round.

4. Coastal Dining: The local cuisine often features fresh seafood caught right off the coast. There’s no shortage of seafood restaurants and waterfront dining options, allowing you to savor the taste of the ocean in every meal. Enjoying a seafood dinner while watching the sunset over the water is a common pastime for Myrtle Beach retirees.

5. Nature and Wildlife: Myrtle Beach is home to diverse coastal ecosystems. You can explore salt marshes, tidal creeks, and coastal wetlands that provide habitat for various species of birds and wildlife. Birdwatching and nature walks are popular activities for retirees who appreciate the natural beauty of the coast.

6. Beachfront Parks: Myrtle Beach offers several beachfront parks where you can relax, have a picnic, or participate in outdoor activities. These parks often feature playgrounds, pavilions, and walking trails with stunning views of the ocean.

7. Coastal Communities: Many retirement communities and neighborhoods are located right along the coast, providing easy access to the beach and water. Whether you prefer a condo with a balcony overlooking the ocean or a beachfront home with a private stretch of sand, there are housing options to suit your coastal living dreams.

8. Mild Climate: Myrtle Beach enjoys a mild, subtropical climate, which means you can spend more time outdoors throughout the year. The winter months are generally mild, making it an attractive destination for retirees looking to escape harsh winters in other parts of the country.

  • The coastal setting of Myrtle Beach offers retirees a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for daily walks on the beach, the soothing sounds of the ocean, or simply the visual splendor of the coastline, Myrtle Beach’s coastal environment is a compelling reason to consider it as a retirement destination.

Affordable Living:

Affordable living is a significant draw for many retirees considering Myrtle Beach as their retirement destination. Here are more details about why the area is often seen as affordable for those on a fixed retirement income:

1. Cost of Housing: Myrtle Beach offers a range of housing options to fit various budgets. While there are upscale, oceanfront properties, there are also more affordable condos, townhomes, and single-family homes available inland. The variety of housing choices allows retirees to find a comfortable and affordable place to live.

2. Property Taxes: South Carolina is known for its relatively low property tax rates, which can be particularly appealing to retirees. The state offers various property tax relief programs and exemptions for seniors, which can further reduce the property tax burden on retirees.

3. No State Income Tax on Social Security: South Carolina doesn’t tax Social Security benefits, which is a significant financial advantage for retirees. Additionally, a portion of other retirement income, such as pensions and IRA distributions, may also be tax-exempt for individuals over a certain age.

4. Affordable Healthcare: While healthcare costs can vary, Myrtle Beach generally offers competitive healthcare pricing compared to larger metropolitan areas. The area has several hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, providing retirees with access to quality healthcare services without the high costs often associated with larger cities.

5. Lower Overall Cost of Living: Myrtle Beach’s cost of living is generally lower than the national average, particularly when it comes to housing, utilities, and transportation. Retirees can find affordable grocery stores, dining options, and entertainment, which helps stretch their retirement income further.

6. Discounts and Senior Programs: Many local businesses and attractions in Myrtle Beach offer discounts and special programs for seniors. These can include reduced rates for golfing, dining, shopping, and entertainment, making it easier for retirees to enjoy their retirement without breaking the bank.

7. Part-Time Employment Opportunities: For retirees who want to supplement their income or stay active by working part-time, Myrtle Beach’s thriving tourism industry often provides seasonal and part-time job opportunities. These can be a great way to earn some extra money while enjoying the area’s vibrant atmosphere.

8. Thriving Local Economy: Myrtle Beach has experienced economic growth over the years, which has led to increased job opportunities and economic stability. A strong local economy can contribute to a more affordable cost of living for retirees.

9. Transportation: The area’s compact layout makes it possible to get around without the need for an expensive car. Public transportation options and bike-friendly roads make it convenient for retirees to travel affordably.

  1. In conclusion, Myrtle Beach offers retirees a relatively affordable lifestyle, with a range of housing options, favorable tax policies, and access to affordable healthcare. Coupled with a lower overall cost of living and opportunities for part-time work, Myrtle Beach can be an excellent choice for retirees looking to make the most of their retirement income without sacrificing their quality of life.

Golf Paradise:

Certainly! Myrtle Beach is often referred to as a “Golf Paradise” because it boasts an impressive collection of golf courses and facilities that cater to golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Here are more details about why Myrtle Beach is renowned as a golfing haven:

  1. Abundance of Golf Courses: Myrtle Beach is home to over 100 golf courses, making it one of the most densely concentrated golf destinations in the world. These courses range from championship layouts designed by golf legends to more budget-friendly options, ensuring that there’s a golf course for everyone.
  2. Variety of Designs: Myrtle Beach’s golf courses offer a wide variety of designs, landscapes, and challenges. You can choose from courses that wind through coastal marshlands, lush forests, or feature dramatic water hazards and stunning ocean views.
  3. Championship Quality: Many of Myrtle Beach’s golf courses have hosted professional tournaments, attesting to their championship-quality layouts. Courses designed by renowned architects like Pete Dye, Tom Fazio, and Greg Norman provide challenging and memorable rounds of golf.
  4. Affordability: While there are upscale golf courses in Myrtle Beach, there are also many options that are budget-friendly. This affordability allows retirees and golf enthusiasts to enjoy the sport without breaking the bank.
  5. Mild Climate: Myrtle Beach’s mild climate ensures that golf can be enjoyed year-round. Winters are typically mild, and even in the cooler months, golf courses remain open for play.
  6. Golf Packages: Myrtle Beach offers various golf packages, allowing visitors and retirees to bundle accommodations with golf rounds for added savings. These packages can make golfing in Myrtle Beach even more accessible and affordable.
  7. Golf Tournaments and Events: Myrtle Beach hosts numerous golf tournaments and events throughout the year. Retirees who are passionate about golf can participate in local tournaments or watch professionals compete in prestigious events.
  8. Golf Schools and Lessons: Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Myrtle Beach has golf schools and instructors who can help improve your game. Retirees often have more time to dedicate to their golf skills, and the area’s golf professionals are ready to assist.
  9. Golf Communities: Myrtle Beach is home to several golf-oriented communities and neighborhoods. Retirees looking for homes with easy access to golf courses can find properties in these areas, which often offer exclusive membership opportunities and other amenities.
  10. Scenic Views: Many golf courses in Myrtle Beach provide stunning scenic views, with some situated along the coastline or offering glimpses of the Intracoastal Waterway. Playing a round of golf in this beautiful setting is a unique and enjoyable experience.

Myrtle Beach is home to a wide array of golf courses, and there are several popular ones that draw golf enthusiasts from all over. Here are some of the well-known golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area:

  1. TPC Myrtle Beach: This course was designed by Tom Fazio and is part of the prestigious TPC network. It offers a challenging yet rewarding golfing experience, with well-maintained fairways and greens.
  2. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club: Known for its iconic “Waterloo” par-5 13th hole, this Robert Trent Jones-designed course is a Myrtle Beach classic and has hosted numerous tournaments over the years.
  3. Pine Lakes Country Club: Often referred to as the “Granddaddy” of Myrtle Beach golf courses, Pine Lakes was designed by Robert White in 1927. It has a rich history and a charming Southern atmosphere.
  4. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: Located in Pawleys Island, just south of Myrtle Beach, this course offers a visually stunning experience with oak-lined fairways and beautiful Lowcountry scenery.
  5. True Blue Golf Club: Adjacent to Caledonia, True Blue is another exceptional course known for its wide fairways, creative bunkering, and challenging layout.
  6. Barefoot Resort & Golf: This resort features four championship golf courses designed by some of the biggest names in golf, including Greg Norman, Davis Love III, Tom Fazio, and Pete Dye.
  7. The Legends Golf Resort: Offering three distinct courses, The Legends is a popular choice for golfers. Each course has its unique challenges and character.
  8. Myrtle Beach National King’s North: This Arnold Palmer-designed course is famous for the “Gambler” hole, a risk-reward par-5 with an island fairway.
  9. Arrowhead Country Club: Known for its challenging layout, Arrowhead offers 27 holes of golf with unique water features and well-manicured greens.
  10. Wild Wing Plantation: This course features 36 holes of championship golf designed by Larry Nelson and Jeff Brauer, providing variety and challenge for golfers.
  11. River Club: A Tom Jackson design, River Club offers a scenic round of golf with several memorable holes along the scenic Waccamaw River.
  12. World Tour Golf Links: This unique course replicates famous holes from around the world, allowing golfers to play iconic designs like Augusta National and St. Andrews.
  13. These are just a few examples of the many outstanding golf courses you’ll find in the Myrtle Beach area. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting to explore the sport, Myrtle Beach offers a golfing experience that caters to all levels of expertise and provides beautiful coastal scenery to enhance your game.

In conclusion, Myrtle Beach’s status as a “Golf Paradise” is well-deserved due to its extensive golf course options, affordability, mild climate, and the variety of experiences it offers to golfers. Whether you’re a retiree looking to spend more time on the greens or a passionate golfer seeking a golf-centric retirement, Myrtle Beach is a fantastic destination to indulge your love for the sport.

Active Lifestyle: Myrtle Beach boasts a wide range of recreational activities, including water sports, hiking, and biking, ensuring an active and healthy retirement.

Cultural Attractions: Myrtle Beach may be best known for its beautiful beaches and golf courses, but it also offers a range of cultural attractions and activities for retirees and visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the cultural highlights in the Myrtle Beach area:

  1. Brookgreen Gardens: Located just south of Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, Brookgreen Gardens is a cultural gem. It’s a sculpture garden and wildlife preserve that features a stunning collection of American figurative sculptures, beautiful gardens, and Lowcountry history exhibits. It’s a serene place to appreciate art and nature.
  2. Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum: This museum is dedicated to promoting visual arts and creativity. It hosts rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, showcasing the work of regional and national artists. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in the local art scene.
  3. The Carolina Opry: For those who appreciate live entertainment, The Carolina Opry offers a variety of shows, including music, comedy, and dance performances. It’s one of the area’s premier venues for evening entertainment.
  4. Alabama Theatre: Another popular entertainment venue, the Alabama Theatre presents a mix of music, comedy, and variety shows. It’s known for its high-energy performances and has been a Myrtle Beach staple for decades.
  5. Ripley’s Aquarium: Located at Broadway at the Beach, Ripley’s Aquarium is a family-friendly attraction that allows you to explore marine life up close. It features a variety of exhibits, including a walkthrough tunnel surrounded by sharks and other sea creatures.
  6. Horry County Museum: This museum in Conway, just inland from Myrtle Beach, offers insights into the history and culture of the region. It features exhibits on topics ranging from Native American history to the Civil War and beyond.
  7. Local Theaters: Myrtle Beach has several theaters that host a range of performances, from local community theater productions to traveling Broadway shows and concerts. The Calvin Gilmore Theater, for example, is known for its high-quality productions.
  8. Art Galleries: Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area have a growing arts scene with numerous art galleries and studios. You can explore local artwork, meet artists, and even purchase unique pieces to decorate your home.
  9. Cultural Festivals: Throughout the year, Myrtle Beach hosts various cultural festivals celebrating everything from music and food to art and heritage. The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Golf Tournament and the Blue Crab Festival in Little River are just a couple of examples.
  10. Historic Sites: While Myrtle Beach itself is a relatively modern city, the surrounding region is rich in history. You can explore nearby historic sites, such as the Hopsewee Plantation and Atalaya Castle, to gain insights into the area’s past.

Myrtle Beach’s cultural scene is diverse and continually evolving, offering a mix of entertainment, art, history, and heritage. Whether you’re interested in attending live performances, exploring museums, or simply appreciating the local arts and culture, there are plenty of opportunities to enrich your retirement experience in Myrtle Beach.

Medical Facilities:

Access to quality healthcare is a crucial consideration for retirees when choosing a place to live, and Myrtle Beach offers a range of medical facilities to meet the healthcare needs of its residents. Here are more details about medical facilities in the Myrtle Beach area:

  1. Grand Strand Health: Grand Strand Health is a leading healthcare provider in the Myrtle Beach region. It includes Grand Strand Medical Center, a full-service hospital, as well as several outpatient centers and clinics. The medical center offers a wide range of services, including emergency care, surgery, cardiac care, and orthopedics.
  2. Tidelands Health: Located just south of Myrtle Beach in Georgetown, Tidelands Health operates Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital, a well-regarded facility serving the region. Tidelands Health provides comprehensive healthcare services, including primary care, specialty care, and emergency services.
  3. Conway Medical Center: Located in nearby Conway, Conway Medical Center is a nonprofit healthcare system that offers a range of services, including a full-service hospital, outpatient services, and primary care clinics. It’s known for its commitment to patient-centered care.
  4. North Strand ER: Located in North Myrtle Beach, North Strand ER is an emergency room facility that provides 24/7 emergency care services to residents and visitors in the northern part of the Grand Strand area.
  5. Specialty Care Centers: Myrtle Beach has various specialty care centers and clinics, covering areas such as cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, and more. This ensures that retirees have access to specialized medical care when needed.
  6. Primary Care Physicians: Myrtle Beach has numerous primary care physicians and family medicine practices throughout the area. Finding a primary care provider to manage your overall health and wellness is relatively easy.
  7. Urgent Care Centers: In addition to traditional healthcare facilities, Myrtle Beach has several urgent care centers that offer extended hours, making it convenient to access non-emergency medical care when needed.
  8. Telemedicine Options: Many healthcare providers in the Myrtle Beach area offer telemedicine services, allowing retirees to consult with healthcare professionals remotely, especially for routine check-ups or minor health concerns.
  9. Rehabilitation Services: Myrtle Beach also provides rehabilitation and physical therapy services for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. These services are essential for maintaining an active lifestyle in retirement.
  10. Senior Health Programs: Some healthcare providers in the area offer specialized programs and services catering to the unique healthcare needs of seniors, including preventive care, geriatric medicine, and assistance with chronic conditions.

Overall, Myrtle Beach offers a robust and well-established healthcare infrastructure to ensure retirees have access to quality medical care and services. Whether you’re in need of routine check-ups, specialized medical care, or emergency services, you can find a variety of healthcare facilities and providers in the area to meet your needs and provide peace of mind during your retirement years

Cons to Consider:

  1. Tourist Season: Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination, which can lead to crowded beaches and traffic during peak seasons. Some retirees may prefer a quieter environment.
  2. Hurricane Risk: Being on the coast, Myrtle Beach is susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms, which may require preparedness and evacuation plans.
  3. Humidity: The region can experience high humidity levels during the summer months, which may not be comfortable for everyone.
  4. Distance from Family: If your family is located far from Myrtle Beach, you may need to consider the distance and ease of travel for visits.
  5. Property Taxes: While the overall cost of living is relatively low, property taxes in some areas can be relatively high, so it’s crucial to research tax rates in specific neighborhoods.


Retiring in Myrtle Beach can be a fantastic choice for many retirees, offering a beautiful coastal environment, numerous recreational opportunities, and a relatively affordable lifestyle. However, it’s essential to consider your personal preferences, needs, and potential drawbacks. Before making a decision, visit the area, explore different neighborhoods, and assess how well Myrtle Beach aligns with your retirement vision. Ultimately, the right retirement destination should provide the lifestyle and amenities that make your golden years truly enjoyable and fulfilling.

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